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The Problem With Crooked Teeth

While many patients are very aware of the cosmetic concerns regarding crooked teeth, not as many patients know that crooked teeth can cause a whole range of oral health concerns. Even one misaligned tooth can lead to complications. Like many dental health concerns, left untreated, crooked teeth can cause a domino effect oral deterioration. Early treatment can help patients avoid further damage to the teeth and gums.

Dr. Georgia Haddad offers early phase treatment, traditional orthodontics and Invisalign treatment for teens and adults. A highly trained and experienced dentist, Dr. Haddad provides effective and predictable results for patients looking to straighten their teeth and realign their bite.

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Crooked Teeth & Oral Health Concerns

Crooked teeth present the potential for causing a range of oral health concerns. More than just a cosmetic concern, patients with misaligned teeth are more prone to developing:

Crooked Teeth Treatment Options

Oxnard, CA dentist Dr. Georgia Haddad offers comprehensive dental exams and bite analysis to help patients realign crooked teeth for a more comfortable and healthy bite. From traditional orthodontics to more conservative cosmetic treatments, Dr. Haddad provides a full range of options to correct misaligned teeth.

  • Orthodontics– Dr. Haddad offers a full range of traditional orthodontic treatments for patients of all ages. Dr. Haddad offers traditional orthodontics, early treatment for patients as young as 7 as well multiphase treatment plans and Invisalign for Teens and adults.
  • Invisalign– Invisalign is a discreet, effective and comfortable way to realign crooked teeth.Invisalign uses virtually invisible aligners to gently shift teeth back into alignment and can be used for teens or adults with mild orthodontic concerns.
  • Dental Bonding– Bonding is a cosmetic treatment that can help restore and reshape a tooth. Bonding can be used to adjust the appearance of a crooked tooth that does cause structural concern.
  • Porcelain Veneers– Can help close gaps without the use of braces. Veneers can also help the appearance of discolored teeth. Learn more about porcelain veneers.

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If you or your child has crooked teeth, contact our Oxnard, CA dentist office, or schedule a consultation online. Our team of dental professionals treats patients of all ages. Straightening crooked teeth can improve aesthetics of your teeth and your overall oral health.