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Why Patients Prefer Clear Braces

Invisalign for Kids in Oxnard, CaliforniaDo you have crooked teeth? Are you suffering from an overbite, underbite, or crossbite? If so, it’s important to pursue your orthodontic treatment options as soon as possible to address these concerns. Orthodontic treatment of all kinds can take several months or even years, making patients more likely to procrastinate on pursuing their treatment options. Many patients think that their only option for straightening crooked teeth is traditional metal braces; however, modern dentistry advancements now allow your dentists the opportunity to straighten your teeth with clear braces. Learn why patients prefer clear braces compared to metal braces below:

Metal Braces

With metal braces, brackets and wires are firmly attached to your dental structures throughout the entire duration of your treatment plan. You will visit your orthodontist monthly for routine tightening appointments in which the wires will be tightened and the bracket bands will be changed. These tightening appointments are essential to your treatment, as the pressure applied is what will help encourage your teeth shift into a straighter position over time. While undergoing treatment with metal braces, patients are encouraged to practice certain dietary restrictions including avoiding excessively crunchy or chewy foods that may damage the orthodontic hardware. Additionally, patients with metal braces are encouraged to take additional oral hygiene precautions while undergoing treatment, as food residue is likely to get caught in the orthodontic hardware. It’s important to remember that orthodontic treatment of any kind can take several months or even years to complete. If you are unwilling to make these lifestyle adjustments, you may want to consider alternatives to traditional metal braces.

Clear Braces

Clear braces are a discreet, yet effective alternative to traditional metal braces. Instead of metallic brackets and wires, clear braces utilize systems of see-through aligners that are worn over your teeth similar to retainers. The durable plastic material is easy to clean and allows patients to undergo orthodontic treatment without worrying about the dietary restrictions or oral hygiene hazards associated with traditional metal braces. Patients also enjoy that clear braces are completely removable. In fact, patients are encouraged to remove their orthodontic appliance on a daily basis to eat, drink, or brush their teeth. As long as you wear your aligners on average of 20-22 hours per day, your treatment plan will progress as intended and you will still achieve the results you desire.

Invisalign in Oxnard, CA

Our office offers Invisalign in Oxnard, CA. With Invisalign, all aligners are given to patients upfront so there is no need for monthly visits to the dentist’s office, allowing for more time for after school and after work activities. If you are interested in Invisalign clear braces, schedule an appointment with our Oxnard, CA dentist office today.