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Keeping Dentures Clean

Dentures are removable replacements for missing teeth. Compared to other tooth replacement options, dentures are a quick, non-invasive way to support your teeth and gums after losing one or more teeth.

They are dental appliances made of plastic, metal, and porcelain that fill the place of your missing teeth. If you choose dentures as a tooth replacement, you need to make sure that you clean them properly. Otherwise, you are vulnerable to more dental and even medical problems. 

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Brush Them Nightly

It is very important that you clean your dentures at least once a day, preferably before bed. Although dentures are artificial teeth, it is still possible for plaque to grow on their surface. Plaque is a form of harmful bacteria that will destroy your teeth and gums. If you have buildup, you can see it as a white, sticky substance. This is what you remove when you brush your teeth. 

Just because dentures are artificial doesn’t mean that they can’t develop bacteria. Therefore, it is essential that you clean your dentures every day. 

Use the Right Method and Materials

When you clean your dentures, you must brush them gently. Brushing them gently ensures that you won’t leave tiny scratches all over your dentures. Additionally, you shouldn’t use any harsh or abrasive cleaners, such as toothpaste. Scratches are breeding grounds for bacteria. Bacteria can get into these small scratches, making it difficult for you to get rid of them. Instead, use a soft-bristled toothbrush and a nonabrasive cleanser to clean your dentures. 

Also, avoid using hot water or harsh chemicals. Hot water can warp the shape of your dentures because they are made of plastic. If your dentures change shape, they may not be able to fit in your mouth. Alternatively, your dentures may not fit properly, which can cause you pain and discomfort. It is better to use cool water to protect your dentures. Additionally, you do not need to use harsh chemicals to clean your dentures. You have to put them in your mouth, so harsh chemicals are a bad idea. 

Take Them Out at Night

While dentures do support your teeth and gums, it is possible to wear them too much. This is why you must take your dentures out every night. In addition, you should never sleep in your dentures. Wearing this appliance at night can cause sores to develop in your mouth. Unfortunately, this can cause discomfort and infection. 

In addition, your gums need a break from dentures. Although you need a replacement to support your gums and bones, wearing dentures too much can create a similar problem. Your bones can begin to deteriorate, which is why you need to take them out at night. 

Also, wearing dentures at night can increase your chances of pneumonia or other respiratory infections. Your mouth is full of bacteria. As a result, you can breathe the bacteria into your lungs. When you wear dentures to bed, you increase the number of bacteria in your mouth.