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Durathin No Prep Veneers Oxnard, CA

no prep veneers oxnard caMinimal prep dental veneers address a range of cosmetic dental concerns, offering patients a beautiful “Hollywood smile.” Dr. Haddad uses DURAthin no-prep dental veneers for their minimal invasiveness and high-impact aesthetic benefits.

With a naturally artistic eye, years of experience, and advanced training, Dr. Haddad offers patients consistent, durable, and beautiful results using DURAthin dental veneers in Oxnard, CA

What are DURAthin Dental Veneers

A dental veneer is a thin shell of porcelain that a dentist will bond to the front of a tooth to improve its appearance. DURAthin veneers are different from a traditional porcelain veneer because they are thinner and do require tooth preparation. DURAthin veneers are made from high quality porcelain to ensure a natural appearance.

A DURAthin dental veneer offers patients a cutting-edge cosmetic dentistry treatment to improve their smile. The tooth veneer is thin like a contact lens, which means the dentist will not need to prepare the tooth. The natural tooth structure is left intact, making the procedure less invasive. If you decide you do not want to wear them in the future, you can have your dentist remove the veneers, exposing the original tooth. Patients enjoy this flexibility when it comes to long-term dental health choices.

No Prep Dental Veneers Treat Cosmetic Concerns

  • Discolored teeth
  • Misshapen teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Chipped or Cracked Teeth
  • Minor tooth misalignment

For many patients, cosmetic dental concerns can become dental health problems if left untreated. Cracked or chipped teeth can lead to infection while gaps and mishappen teeth can cause stress in the jaw joint or function of the bite. Dr. Haddad is a highly-trained cosmetic dentist that can address both cosmetic and oral health concerns for a stable, functional, healthy, and beautiful smile.

How DURAthin Veneers Work

Since these veneers are so thin, they don’t work in the exact same way as porcelain veneers. The material used is designed to block out the colors that you don’t want to show up in your smile. While fragile before they’re put on your teeth, they become extremely strong once they’re bonded to your smile.

DURAthin veneers are also created in a smaller lab to give each patient a personalized touch. They’re handcrafted and designed to be the perfect solution for your unique case. We work closely with the dental lab to make sure everything is worked out and your no-prep veneers are ready the first time, so you can get your perfect restoration as soon as possible.

Dental Veneers: What to Expect

DURAthin dental veneers are similar to a contact lens. The ultra-thin ceramic fits to the surface of the tooth. Unlike porcelain veneers, no-prep dental veneers do not require the removal of healthy tooth structures.

no prep veneers in oxnard, california

No-prep dental veneers are designed to be a semi-permanent dental restoration and should last many years with proper oral hygiene and care. With little to no tooth preparation needed, DURAthin eliminates the concerns of removing healthy tooth structures associated with traditional dental veneers.

The process to get no-prep dental veneers is quicker and less complex than getting traditional dental veneers. The most important step in the process is treatment planning. Dr. Haddad is a skilled cosmetic dentist that will plan and execute the placement of your DURAthin veneers.

Dr. Haddad will custom design the dental veneers using state-of-the-art dental technology. It is important to get accurate molds of your teeth so she can custom design your teeth veneers. We will ensure that your dental veneers are color-matched to blend in with your natural smile for aesthetically pleasing results.

The greatest benefit to this type of veneer is Dr. Haddad will not need to prepare your teeth. This means no discomfort to you since no enamel needs to be removed to create room for the teeth veneers. Once fabricated, the veneer will be bonded to the tooth.

Benefits of DURAthin Dental Veneers 

  • Minimal natural tooth removal
  • Helps secure oral foundation
  • Can be removed or replaced
  • Beautiful, natural results
  • Resistant to stains

Dental veneers require no additional maintenance other than a regular oral hygiene routine and biannual dental cleanings. While dental veneers can last for many years, they may need maintenance after several years of use. The best part is, if you decide to remove them, DURAthin veneers are reversible.

Are No-Prep Veneers Right for Me? 

No-prep veneers are a successful restoration for most patients. If you have mild to moderate staining on your teeth or cosmetic chips and cracks, no-prep veneers are perfect for your dental needs.

However, no-prep veneers aren’t for everyone. If you have very severe staining or damage to your teeth, you may need a heavier restoration. Things like dental crowns or porcelain veneers may be a better choice for you. Because of the thinness of the veneers, they may not be able to conceal your problems fully.

Schedule a Consultation for Dental Veneers in Oxnard, CA

If you are interested in getting DURAthin dental veneers in Oxnard, CA, schedule a cosmetic consultation with Dr. Haddad. You can request an appointment online by filling out the form. Dr. Haddad will discuss your cosmetic goals and budget concerns to determine if dental veneers are right for you.