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Holistic Dentistry Oxnard, CA

We believe in the mouth-body connection. The connection between the condition of your oral health and overall physical wellness continues to be studied.

There is overwhelming scientific evidence that poor oral health contributes to internal inflammation and its effects, including an increased risk for cardiovascular and systemic disease. It has also been shown that poor oral health can make it more difficult to manage certain health conditions effectively, including diabetes.

Dr. Haddad takes a holistic approach to your oral health and dental care needs. Holistic dentistry considers the impact of oral health and dental care on the body. The goal of holistic dentistry is to maintain your oral health with a biocompatible approach.

Holistic dental care includes the use of white fillings, a biocompatible approach to treating tooth decay. We also use filtered water in our office to remove any metals or contaminants that may linger in local city water.

Our dental care team works with you to evaluate your overall oral health, determine your needs, and provide personalized recommendations for maintaining a healthy smile while minimizing the use of medicated products and invasive procedures.

We want you to look forward to your dental care visits with us and to educate you on how our holistic approach benefits your health and well-being.

white fillings oxnard ca

Composite Fillings

Dental fillings are one of the most common treatments in any dental office, including ours. Dr. Haddad may place a dental filling after removing decay or to repair certain types of tooth damage. We use white fillings that are made from a composite resin material. Considered biocompatible, this type of filling does not contain metals.

Silver or amalgam fillings contain mercury, among other metals. Studies have shown that amalgam fillings may cause a reaction to mercury in patients with an unidentified metal allergy. There are ongoing studies of other possible links to neurological conditions as a result of mercury leaking from an amalgam filling over time.

White fillings offer key benefits for your oral health:

  • Highly durable material that creates a secure seal around the tooth surfaces to minimize the risk of future infection.
  • Natural-looking result with material that is color-matched to your existing teeth.
  • Composite resin is less likely to lead to an increased sensitivity to temperature.

Amalgam Filling Removal

Dr. Haddad can remove old amalgam fillings to improve your overall oral health for the future. For many patients with dark fillings that are noticeable when smiling, this can offer an instant smile makeover. The removal of old fillings is done in a safe manner to minimize your exposure to metals.

Amalgam fillings are not only unsightly, but they can also begin to break down over time and leak. A compromised metal-based filling can become a health risk to patients with a metal allergy. It can also increase the risk of new decay in the area. Replacing your old amalgam fillings with composite material will support better oral and overall health.

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iTero Digital Scanning: alternatives to x-rays

Dr. Haddad uses a handheld digital scanner to take high-resolution digital images of all surfaces in your mouth. The iTero scanner is radiation-free and enables us to identify very early signs of decay for monitoring or treatment. These digital images can be utilized in many ways and are maintained as part of your ongoing patient record.

A convenient handheld device, the iTero scanner is used chairside. There is no discomfort or exposure to any radiation. It is a quiet, minimally invasive experience that many patients find interesting and educational when we present and discuss the images taken.

Oral Health & Wellness: Biocompatibility testing

Oral health is a key component of overall health and well-being. Using the principles of holistic dentistry, Dr. Haddad works with patients in all phases of life to address problems with biocompatible solutions.

This means that your dental care and treatment are designed to meet your oral health needs without impacting your physical health. Treating common concerns such as decay, gum disease, and tooth damage using the most conservative and least invasive solutions. A healthy and stable smile is important for maintaining a strong immune system and minimizing internal inflammation due to oral bacteria.

Dr. Haddad offers MELISA biocompatibility testing. Biocompatibility testing is recommended to determine if you have any sensitivity to or an allergy to any dental materials before we move forward with your treatment plan. MELISA testing consists of a blood test that will look for any metal allergies you may have. Testing protects your health and safety and provides insight into your personal risk factors for exposure to certain metals.