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Pediatric Dentistry Oxnard CA

Dr. Georgia Haddad and our entire dental care team are committed to providing your child with a nurturing, supportive, and fun dental office environment. Through education and early preventative dental care, our family dental care team can help your child come to enjoy their biannual dental checkups throughout their life. As a family dental office, we provide comprehensive pediatric dentistry in Oxnard, CA for children.

pediatric dentistry in Oxnard, CA

Dental Check-Ups are Important for Children

Early-life dental care is essential for lifelong oral health. Caring for baby teeth can help keep permanent teeth healthy as they sit just below the gum line. Learning to brush and floss teeth correctly will help your children maintain their natural teeth for as many years as possible.

Building a solid patient-dentist relationship with Dr. Haddad can help your child feel comfortable visiting the dentist and develop lasting, healthy oral habits. Our comprehensive family dentist office will allow your child to stay with Beach Cities Dental Group throughout their life for consistent and quality dental care.

Family dentistry is convenient for parents juggling busy schedules. You can bring in the whole family for complete dental care at all stages of oral health.

Preventing Cavities in Children

Cavities, also known as dental caries, are a common oral health issue among children. They are caused by a combination of factors, including poor oral hygiene, a sugary diet, and certain bacteria in the mouth. Not brushing and flossing correctly will increase your child’s risk of developing cavities.

Preventing cavities in children is very important for their oral health and overall well-being. Proper dental hygiene practices and regular dental check-ups are essential for maintaining optimal oral health in children.

During your regular dental check-up, Dr. Haddad is able to identify the early signs of tooth decay and intervene before cavities get out of hand. We will also clean their teeth to remove plaque and tartar that is not easily removed through brushing and flossing alone.

Maintaining proper dental hygiene is the foundation of preventing cavities in children. Teaching children the importance of brushing their teeth twice a day and flossing regularly is essential for removing plaque and bacteria from the mouth.

Pediatric Dentistry: What to Expect

It is important to bring your children to the dentist as soon as their first tooth emerges. Early preventative dental care helps Dr. Haddad keep track of your child’s oral health development. This allows for proactive treatment of any concerns that may arise.

Dr. Haddad offers a full range of dental services for all stages of oral health, allowing for complete dental care for life. Our dental care team is trained and experienced in following a child’s oral development into adulthood for effective and predictable results.

Pediatric Dental Services 

Our dental care team will take the time to get to know you and your child. We aim to ensure that you both feel welcome and comfortable while receiving dental care.  We encourage parents to bring their children to the dentist frequently to help set them up for a lifetime of oral health.

Pediatric Dentistry FAQs

If you have questions about the services we offer for children, start by reading through these frequently asked questions. Contact our office if you have additional questions or concerns.

What’s the most common dental problem for children?

Tooth decay is the biggest worry for young children. Often, their diets are higher in sugar, and they aren’t the best at brushing their teeth. We can help teach your child the right way to brush, so they’re cleaning their teeth properly and hopefully avoid cavities.

Can my child get sedation for dental work?

Nitrous oxide is a solution that’s suitable for both children and adults. We place a small cannula under the nose that pumps the laughing gas throughout the procedure. It takes effect and dissipates immediately. Nitrous oxide keeps patients awake but relaxed throughout the whole procedure.

Is bringing my children to the dentist twice a year necessary?

Yes. It’s extra essential for children to see the dentist regularly. Their mouths are constantly growing and changing, which needs to be monitored. Dr. Haddad can note the changes in your child’s mouth and determine if any of them cause worry. She can recommend orthodontic treatment or other options to take care of dental issues sooner rather than later.

How safe are dental x-rays?

With technological developments, dental x-rays now expose you to an extremely limited amount of radiation. We take extra steps to protect children especially, too. Dental x-rays are much safer than the risk an undetected instance of tooth decay poses.

Do primary teeth need treatment since they’re not permanent?

They may not be permanent, but they’re still extremely important for lifelong oral health. They help children with speech and eating normally. Primary teeth also reserve a place in the mouth for the permanent teeth to come into the correct position. It’s still essential to treat any issues with primary teeth.

How should I clean my baby’s teeth?

Just because they’re small and few doesn’t mean they’re not important. Choose a pediatric toothbrush with a very small head and soft bristles. Try to find one that’s specifically designed with infants in mind.

What are dental sealants?

Dental sealants are an additional protective measure that will protect teeth against cavities. Dr. Haddad places them on the chewing surfaces of molars and premolars, where cavities are most likely to develop. Molars have deep grooves and pits, making it easy for food and debris to get stuck. They are particularly beneficial for children, as their newly erupted permanent teeth are more vulnerable to tooth decay. The sealant material is a liquid resin that quickly hardens into a protective coating, creating a physical barrier and preventing food particles and bacteria from getting trapped in these grooves and causing decay.

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