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Invisalign® 5D Oxnard, CA

Invisalign® is an orthodontic solution that uses a series of clear aligners to address crooked and misaligned teeth. This gradual treatment switches out pairs of aligners as the teeth conform to each new aligner. Dr. Georgia Haddad uses an intraoral scanner, the iTero Element® 5D Imaging System, to treat Invisalign in her Oxnard, CA, dental office.

This scanner creates a full digital impression of the mouth and makes it easier for patients to understand the treatment process. With this scanner, Dr. Haddad can see detailed images in full color. The iTero Element can be used to diagnose and restore the smile as well as help map out cosmetic treatment with Invisalign.

Intraoral Scanning for Orthodontics in Oxnard, California

The Benefits of 5D Imaging

5D imaging differs from traditional 2D x-rays or even 3D scans by providing 3D, intraoral color, and NIRI infrared imaging. Near-infrared imaging, or NIRI, allows Dr. Haddad and her team to compare images of the teeth over time using time-lapse capabilities.

This imaging helps Dr. Haddad see the internal tooth structure to track the progression of the smile from multiple angles. The iTero system creates clear and precise images that can be fully rotated and magnified for a closer look. In addition, this 5D technology uses a hand-held scanner that is comfortable for both doctor and patient use.

The scanner is non-invasive and does not contain radiation, unlike traditional x-rays. Using iTero aids in patient education so they can fully understand where their orthodontic problems are and how Invisalign is addressing these problems over time.

How Does 5D Imaging Work With Invisalign?

iTero 5D imaging helps Dr. Haddad and her team track the progress of patients with Invisalign. This imaging only requires one initial scan. With this imaging technology, we can capture the arch of teeth in under 30 seconds and the full mouth in one minute.

To capture a full image of the two arches, Dr. Haddad gently places the handheld scanner wand on the patient’s teeth. She slowly and carefully moves the wand across the teeth until the whole image of the teeth is on the screen attached to the scanner. Once Dr. Haddad takes a full scan, she is able to show her patients areas of misalignment. She can also send this scan to a dental lab where the Invisalign aligners will be created.

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