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Dentist in Venture, CA

Dr. Georgia Haddad offers complete dental care to patients who reside in Ventura, CA. Beach Cities Dental Group is easily accessible from the Ventura Freeway making it easy for our patients from Ventura to visit us. Dr. Haddad is an experienced and talented dentist that can take care of all your oral health needs from preventive dental care for patients of all ages to complete dental implant services to straightening crooked teeth.

Dentist in Venture CA

Complete Dental Care in Venture CA

Preventive Dental Care

The most important aspect of any dentist office is preventive dentistry. Preventive dentistry refers to services that we provide our patients on a regular basis to prevent diseases and other dental problems. Routine dentist appointments should take place every six months where our team will examine your mouth, teeth, and gums as well as perform a thorough teeth cleaning. Dr. Haddad welcomes patients of all ages including children to visit her for these routine dental checkups.

Sedation Dentistry

Because we care so much about our patients’ oral health, we provide sedation dentistry options for those who suffer from fear of the dentist or dental anxiety. Avoiding the dentist can lead to many oral health problems that can eventually affect your overall health. We offer both nitrous oxide and oral sedation for patients who need help getting through their appointments.

Restorative Dental Care

If you have a chipped, cracked, or missing tooth, Dr. Haddad offers a full menu of restorative dentistry treatments to restore the health and function of the tooth. She possesses over 15 years of experience repairing teeth that have suffered from injury or neglect. Restorative treatments, such as dental crowns, are important to protect the tooth from further damage. Neglecting to do so will result in eventual tooth loss that will require a tooth replacement treatment.

Complete Dental Implant Services

Dr. Haddad is proud to offer complete dental implant services to patients from Ventura, CA. This means you will not have to travel between offices to have your teeth replaced with a dental implant restoration. While we offer traditional options such as dentures and dental bridges, dental implants are the superior choice because they are the closest thing to real teeth. The dental restorations are held in place by being secured to dental implants that have been surgically placed in the jaw bone. This makes the replacement teeth very durable and more stable.

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry allows Dr. Haddad to treat gum disease and receding gums more comfortably. Treating periodontal disease is typically very uncomfortable however with the use of laser dental technology dentists can now remove bacteria from deep in the gum lines. This treatment is noninvasive and easier to recover from. Dr. Haddad can also utilize dental lasers to treat gummy smiles by contouring the gum line for a more natural and attractive smile.


Crooked teeth should be aligned for cosmetic and oral health reasons. Dr. Haddad provides early intervention, traditional braces, and Invisalign to patients from Ventura, CA. Straight teeth are easier to clean and less susceptible to decay. Additionally, bites that are well aligned allow your teeth to function properly. After an ortho consult with Dr. Haddad, she’ll be able to provide you with the necessary treatment to correct your teeth alignment issues.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Even the healthiest teeth can be unattractive despite perfect oral health. For patients that desire a more attractive smile, Dr. Haddad offers several cosmetic dentistry treatments. Professional teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental treatment because it can effectively brighten your smile. Additionally, it is quick and affordable. Minor chips and cracks can be fixed with a tooth bonding treatment that can be completed in a single office visit. More complex cosmetic problems can be disguised with dental veneers. These thin shells can be adhered to the front and sides of your teeth giving any patient a perfect, Hollywood smile.

Welcoming New Patients from Venture, CA

Beach Cities Dental Group is a family friendly dentist office that provides complete dental care to patients from Venture, CA. You can trust Dr. Georgia Haddad to care for all your oral health needs and wants. To schedule a dentist appointment, call (805) 312-9164 or you can request an appointment by filling out the form online.