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Keeping Your Gums Healthy with Periodontal Treatment

Your gums are an important part of your mouth. Not only do they keep your teeth strong and stable, but they also connect to your nerves and blood vessels. When gums suffer from disease, your entire body’s health is at risk. Gum disease in Oxnard, CA, affects many patients each year. Without proper oral hygiene and routine exams, periodontal (gum) disease is more likely. But even if you do develop gum disease, there are treatment options that can help keep your gums healthy and your bite strong.

gum disease in Oxnard, CA, can be treated if caught early on

Periodontal Treatment Options for Gum Disease

Just like with any health problem, the earlier you catch gum disease, the better. Seeing your dentist every six months can help them spot the early signs of gum disease, such as bleeding or redness. Early gum disease can often be treated with a routine cleaning and improved at-home oral hygiene. But more complex cases of disease will need more treatment.

Scaling and Root Planing

During a regular cleaning appointment, your dentist will clean your teeth and gums, removing the natural buildup of plaque. But when your gums are diseased, a more intensive form of cleaning is required. Scaling and root planing is a procedure that allows your dentist to reach into the deep pockets of your gums. These are the areas where bacteria breeds the most. By removing the buildup of plaque and tartar deep in your gums, scaling and root planing could help reduce the spread or worsening of gum disease.

Soft-Tissue Laser Dentistry 

If there’s extensive damage or disease to your gums, your dentist may suggest using a soft-tissue laser to remove the diseased tissue. While the diseased tissue is removed, this procedure also stimulates new tissue growth, allowing your gums to return to a natural and healthy state. While this procedure can be a little invasive and may cause soreness or swelling, it tends to be more effective and requires less healing time than with traditional gum surgery options. The stimulation of gum growth could also help restore your natural gum line if lost to gum disease.

Do Your Gums Need Help?

Many people find themselves with a mild case of gum disease at least once in their lives. Brushing, and more importantly flossing, twice a day can help reduce the chances of gum disease. However, this doesn’t fully prevent it. If you have gum disease in Oxnard, CA, call Beach Cities Dental Group today at (805) 312-9164. We’ll get you scheduled for an initial consultation where your dentist will examine your gums and determine the best course of action. The sooner gum disease is caught and treated, the less chance you have of losing teeth or developing health concerns.