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Tooth Extraction Oxnard CA

Tooth extractions become necessary when patients have advanced tooth decay, overcrowding, or damage caused to a tooth.  In most cases, Dr. Haddad will do everything she can to try and save as much of a natural tooth as possible.

In some cases, however, tooth removal is necessary to allow for optimal oral health. Dr. Haddad provides tooth extractions from the comfort of our Oxnard, CA, dentist’s office.

Dr. Haddad and her entire dental care team provide comprehensive and personalized treatment plans. She will take the time to analyze your health and your oral health and listen to your cosmetic goals and dental concerns. Dr. Haddad will thoroughly explain the tooth extraction process so that you fully understand the benefits and aftercare

Tooth Extractions: What to Expect 

Using a local anesthetic, our dental care team will ensure your absolute comfort during treatment. If you suffer from dental anxiety, our Oxnard, CA, dentist’s office also provides additional sedation options.

Once relaxed, Dr. Haddad will begin the tooth removal process. We gently remove the tooth from the root canal. Once removed, the root socket will be thoroughly cleaned and sutured shut.

Depending on the reason for and placement of the removed tooth, patients may choose to replace the tooth with a dental implant. Dr. Haddad provides comprehensive in-house dental implant treatment for the convenience of our patients. Dr. Haddad is a highly trained restorative dentist who is fully equipped to handle all of your dental health needs.

Tooth Extractions: FAQs

Do I need a tooth extraction?

Whenever possible, we preserve the natural tooth structure. But sometimes, an extraction is necessary. Most commonly, we extract wisdom teeth to avoid overcrowding. Extraction may also be needed for teeth that are severely decayed or damaged or to perform orthodontic treatment effectively.

What should I eat after a tooth extraction?

For the first 24-48 hours, stick to soft foods and liquids. Avoid things that are to be chewed. The extraction site needs time to clot and heal, and you don’t want to disturb that process.

Can I drink water after an extraction?

We recommend that you wait about an hour unless you need to take medication. Drinking ice-cold water is good for the extraction site, though. It’s a great pain reliever and it helps to reduce swelling. Using an ice pack or cold compress helps as well.

When can I drink alcohol after a tooth extraction?

Alcohol is something to avoid for a while after your tooth extraction. Avoid drinking alcohol at all for the first 72 hours. Alcohol slows the healing process and causes complications with the blood clot.

What can’t I do after a tooth extraction?

In addition to avoiding alcohol, you shouldn’t smoke, either. Smoking breaks down the blood clot and leads to a dry socket, a painful condition. Don’t drink with a straw, either. The suction needed to suck on a straw can dislodge the blood clot.

Is getting a tooth extraction painful?

We make the process as comfortable as possible in our office. The dentist completely numbs the area where the tooth will be extracted. We also offer sedation dentistry to keep you relaxed and calm throughout the procedure. You will have some soreness and discomfort, especially on days 2-3. Over-the-counter pain medication is recommended, and we may give you a prescription for pain medication as well.