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Why a Holistic Dentist May be Right for You

Good oral health is important to avoid dental problems such as cavities and gum disease. But it’s also crucial to keeping the rest of your body healthy as well. Studies have shown there’s a high correlation between a patient’s oral health and their risk of developing heart disease or systemic disease. A holistic dentist in Oxnard, CA, can help you maintain your oral health while also focusing on the rest of your body. With the right care and attention to treatment details, you can improve your oral hygiene with a lower risk of negative medical reactions.

A holistic DENTIST in OXNARD CA will work hard to ensure you are safe and healthy in the office

How a Holistic Dentist in Oxnard, CA, Protects Your Health

A holistic approach to dentistry can help patients experience a more comforting and relaxing treatment. With advances in dental technology, your dentist can offer a biocompatible approach to oral health. By diagnosing allergies, avoiding x-rays, and using metal-free fillings, a holistic dentist works hard to protect your entire body while performing dental treatment.

MELISA Biocompatibility Testing

Many of us can have allergies that we don’t know about until we come in contact with the allergen. And many of us can develop new allergies as we age. A dental office uses a variety of materials that many patients can be allergic to, such as latex and certain metals. Knowing ahead of time if you have an allergy can help reduce the chances of experiencing an allergic reaction.

With MELISA biocompatibility testing, your dentist can perform a blood test to check for certain common allergies in a dental office. If you do have any allergies, then your dental care team can ensure that your treatment room is free of such material. And all treatments you receive will be double-checked so that they are safe for your body.

Non-Metal Fillings

For a long time, amalgam fillings were the most common way to treat cavities. However, these fillings can break down over time. When this happens, the metal in the fillings can leak out, infecting your teeth, gums, and blood. Patients who have amalgam fillings have had a higher rate of developing allergic reactions, especially to mercury. Holistic dentistry uses a composite resin material to fill in new cavities and replace old fillings. This material can be color-matched to your teeth and can reduce the chances of negative reactions down the line.

Digital Scanning

While X-ray technology has come a long way in protecting patients from radiation, there’s still a chance someone could suffer a reaction to X-rays. Handheld digital scanners allow dentists to take digital scans of your teeth without any radiation. These scans can be used to identify early signs of decay or other dental problems. Digital scanning is quiet and minimally invasive, so patients with anxiety can often find it easier to stay comfortable during treatment.

When you go to a holistic dentist, you’re doing more than just improving your oral health. You’re also making sure the rest of your body is well taken care of. At Beach Cities Dental Group, we believe in the mouth-body connection. We work hard to ensure you are as healthy and comfortable as possible while in our office. Call us today at (805) 312-9164 to schedule a consultation and learn more about our holistic approach to dentistry.