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3 Reason To Replace Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can change the way you view your smile. Missing teeth can also affect your oral health and lead to more advanced oral issues. If you are missing one or more teeth it is imperative that you contact and a trusted dentist and find a tooth replacement solution that works for you. Oxnard, CA restorative dentist Dr. Georgia Haddad offers a full range of tooth replacement options. Dr. Haddad works closely with each patient to understand their individual needs, cosmetic goals, and oral health before recommending a final restorative to restore their missing teeth.

After a thorough consultation, Dr. Haddad may suggest dental implants, dentures, or dental bridges to restore missing teeth. For a more comfortable solution, dentures and dental bridges can be secured using dental implants. Dental implants replicate the natural tooth root, creating a stable, long-lasting solution for patients missing one or more teeth.

Three Reasons To Replace Missing Teeth

  1. Improved oral health. Missing teeth can lead to a more advanced dental issue that may require further treatment. When missing teeth are left untreated, patients are at a higher risk of bone loss, bone deterioration in the jaw, infection, and further tooth loss.
  2. For a beautiful smile. Your smile is one of the first things others notice about you. Your smile can also be a source of confidence for some patients. Dr. Haddad is a highly skilled restorative and cosmetic dentist in Oxnard, CA dedicated to helping you create a natural looking, long-lasting replacement option s for missing teeth.
  3. Missing teeth can affect your bite which may cause a wide range of uncomfortable symptoms. Missing teeth can cause the teeth to shift which can cause an imbalance in the bite.

Replace Missing Teeth in Oxnard, California

To learn more about tooth replacement, visit Beach Cities Dental Group in Oxnard, CA. Dr. Haddad is a highly trained dentist dedicated to helping each of our patients achieve a healthy, beautiful smile. To schedule a consultation, call (805) 312-9164 or schedule a consultation online.